Reckless Drunk Drivers Pulled Over On Thanksgiving, Nearly Cause Fatal Accident.

On November 28th, 2013, two drunk drivers were pulled over in Aurora, Colorado for reckless driving.

Very early Thanksgiving morning, just after 2 AM, Aurora police officers pulled over two alleged drunk drivers.  The incident occurred on Parker Road, close to Hampden Avenue, when a police officer pulled over a man whom he expected was driving under the influence.  The officer and the alleged drunk driver’s cars pulled into the left lane, taking up most of the lane.  Two other police officers who were called in for backup then parked their cars to the left of the vehicle in the middle lane so that the officers could conduct a proper DUI arrest.  The officers each put their lights on so that drivers behind them could see the stopped vehicles.

As the arresting officer was approaching the man’s vehicle, another suspected drunk driver came swerving at the two cars in the left lane.  The officer stated that this blue Audi was coming directly toward him and the other police vehicles and, soon after, the officer heard a very loud crash.  He stated was extremely scared and truly believed lives had been taken by the sound of the crash.  Luckily, the officer’s parked car shielded the officers and the driver they had pulled over from the crash, and no lives were lost.

The driver who crashed into the police car was allegedly driving drunk and, fortunately, he too only sustained minor injuries.

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