Study Reveals That Human Error Is The Leading Cause Of Self-Driving Car Accidents.

The ongoing debate surrounding self-driving cars mostly focuses on whether or not these cars are actually involved in motor vehicle accidents at a lower rate than that of regular cars. If self-driving cars provide no additional safety, then it is unlikely that people will be willing to pay more to drive one. What’s more, there is some indication that the technology might actually lead to accidents in some cases, accidents that might have been prevented had a person been driving the car manually. In such a situation, it would be wise to contact an expert car accident attorney at 617-787-3700.

In a recent study, which catalogued all accidents involving self-driving cars between 2014 and 2018 in California, it was revealed that the vast majority of these car accidents were the fault of humans, as opposed to the technology of the self-driving cars. In all but one of the 38 auto accidents that occurred when a self-driving car was moving, the fault was entirely with the person operating the vehicle. Similarly, in all 24 of the car accidents that occurred while a self-driving car was parked, the fault was with the person operating the vehicle.

Many people remain skeptical that handing over control of operating a motor vehicle to the vehicle will actually improve safety on the roads. This sentiment is one of the biggest obstacles to self-driving cars hitting the roads in large numbers. Although this study is limited in scope, it is at least an indication that humans remain the greatest threat to road safety.

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