California Rolls Out Plan To Keep Falling Trees From Striking Drivers.

State and local governments have a responsibility for the safety of their citizens. Sometimes, efforts by these governments will be uniform across the nation, as there are a number of ubiquitous dangers facing everyone in the country. Car accidents, for example, are a problem everywhere, and states implement speeding guidelines and post warnings to try and stifle the dangers posed by motor vehicles. Some dangers, however, are unique to particular states, and their local governments must implement unique strategies to deal with these problems.

For example, trees falling onto motorists in California, in the Tahoe Basin in particular, has posed an enormous safety hazard and results in deaths every year. Earlier this year, during heavy winter snowstorm weather on Highway 89, a tree fell into the roadway and killed a Tahoe City woman as she drove in her car in Squaw Valley. Other mountain highways near the lake have also experienced tragic crashes caused by falling limbs and trees. California is responding by implementing initiatives to reduce this risk, and highway 89 will be where crews begin their work. A $115 million California safety campaign has made it possible for crews to have already cut down more than 100,00 dead trees all over the state on state property next to highways.

The next step is for public safety workers to approach people who own houses next to the highway in order to get permission to cut down trees that pose a particular risk. It is illegal for the state to cut down any such trees without permission, and the trees must meet a variety of specifications in order to be eligible.

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