Nickelodeon Star Miranda Cosgrove Files $2.5 Million Injury Lawsuit

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Miranda Cosgrove is famous for being the lead actress on Nickelodeon’s iCarly. In August of 2011, she was involved in a motor vehicle crash when her tour bus collided into a tractor-trailer.

Ms. Cosgrove was on a tour called the Dancing Crazy Tour and was driving through Illinois at the time of her accident. Ms. Cosgrove was sleeping at the time of the accident and was injured from that experience. She suffered a broken ankle, among other injuries. Ms. Cosgrove’s mother was also injured in the crash.

Ms. Cosgrove has sued and is asking for $2.5 million in damages. $184,490.16 is for her medical bills, $400,000 is for the twenty-five booked tours she had to cancel, $560,000 is for cancelled future tours which were not yet booked, and $400,000 is for her contract with Neutrogena being dropped due to her unstable physical condition. Ms. Cosgrove also alleges that Sony Music dropped her pending recording contract due to the accident.

The tour bus driver, however, alleges that the young star is lying about her lost contracts and medical bills. He claims that both Ms. Cosgrove and her mother had a total of $50,000 in medical bills because of the injuries from the accident.

Ms. Cosgrove’s lawsuit states that the crash ruined her career. She was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the 2012 Highest Paid Child Actress for her role in iCarly. She makes $180,000 per episode. Ms. Cosgrove further claims that the crash left her disfigured and disabled.

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