Man Dies In Crash Into Pittsfield, MA High School; Passenger In Critical Condition.

A man was killed and another was seriously injured after their car crashed into the side of Pittsfield High School in Pittsfield, Massachusetts on Tuesday, January 14.

Witnesses said they saw the car, a rented 2013 Altima, speed through several red lights at 80 to 100 MPH before striking a tree and slamming into the side of the high school.  The two men inside the vehicle, whose names have been not released, suffered severe injuries in the accident.  One of the men died from his injuries, and another remains in critical condition at Berkshire Medical Center.  Both men were reportedly from Pittsfield.

The accident occurred around 2:45 PM, shortly after the high school was dismissed.  Police say it was fortunate that most students and their parents had left the premises before the tragic accident occurred, and they are relieved that no bystanders were injured.

Police are continuing to investigate the single-car accident.  They are unsure about what would have caused the car to speed out of control and into the side of the school.

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