23-Year-Old Woman Wins $1.5 Million Lawsuit After Arguing Car Accident Injuries Caused Her To Become Sex-Crazed.

Each day, thousands of Massachusetts residents travel on Massachusetts highways and roads. Whether commuting an hour to work, or simply traveling up the road to run errands, Massachusetts residents are constantly on the move. Although driving is fast and convenient, it can also be dangerous. Each time we get in a vehicle, we are putting ourselves at the mercy of other drivers—drivers who may be distracted, impaired or reckless.

Alissa Afonina was about to start her senior year at a British Columbia high school when a car accident changed everything. She was ranked in the top two percent of her class and had dreams of becoming a filmmaker. But in August of 2008, a car accident caused her to suffer life-altering brain injuries. Following the crash, she was treated for brain trauma and was eventually cleared to return to classes. Suddenly, she could no longer follow through with tasks and found herself making inappropriate comments in class. She eventually dropped out of school and completed her education from home. Afonina believes her brain injuries are to blame for her poor impulse control and increased sexual desires.

Afonina attended college for a while, but found it difficult to focus. She became obsessed with sex and could not successfully hold down a job because of her sudden and peculiar impulses. Eventually, she turned to the sex industry for money. Now 23-years-old, Alfonina earns her living as a dominatrix. She believes the crash impaired her ability to stay in school and achieve her full potential.

As a result of the crash and its alleged peculiar side effects, Alfonina filed a lawsuit against the other driver seeking damages. The lawsuit focused on what Alfonina could be earning if only she had been able to successfully complete college and had not been held back by poor impulse control. According to the Inquisitr, the jury awarded $1.5 million in damages for future lost earning capacity, cost of future care, pain and suffering and special damages.

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