Police Search for Woburn, Massachusetts Man Who Fled Scene After Hitting Pedestrian With His Car.

When driving, most people are aware of the road and the cars around them.  We check our mirrors before merging, use our turn signals before turning, and make sure there is a sufficient gap between us and the car in front of us while driving.  We mainly focus on the other cars in order to drive safely because roads are designed with the safety of individuals in cars in mind.  Some drivers, however, may forget that they must also be very aware of any pedestrians around them. Pedestrians travel differently from motor vehicles, and are significantly more vulnerable to harm.  If a driver negligently injures a pedestrian, they may be held financially responsible for the injuries they cause.

One driver accused of driving negligently and injuring a pedestrian is Tyson Delgado, who is currently being searched for by Woburn, Massachusetts police. Delgado was being interviewed by police about a recent larceny when he assaulted an officer and drove away.  While he was driving, Delgado struck sixty-five-year-old Fred Pica, who was waiting to cross the street.  Pica rolled over onto the hood of the car, but Delgado continued to drive for several hundred yards before abruptly stopping and fleeing his vehicle.

Pica experienced multiple injuries as a result of being struck by Delgado, the most severe of which were to his left leg, which was shattered in multiple places and will take months to recover.  Pica told wcvb that his pain was “indescribable…that’s how severe it is.  I’m aching all over.” He has considerable medical expenses and is going to require months of physical therapy. While an arrest may help to make sure that Delgado is prosecuted by the state, it does little to help Pica pay for his medical bills or fairly compensate him for his pain and suffering.  Most of the time, the only way to recover from an injury such as this is by a successful personal injury lawsuit.

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