Head-On Collision Between Car and MBTA Bus Injures a Dozen in Randolph, MA.

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Bus accidents are extremely dangerous events that often cause severe physical injuries and emotional distress to passengers and their loved ones.  Because public buses are primarily found in densely populated urban areas, the risk of collision with people and other vehicles is considerably high.  Therefore, those operating such large vehicles are expected to exercise a high amount of care and precision.  Despite efforts to limit the number of bus accidents, negligent driving constantly causes accidents between buses and cars that lead to serious and potentially life-threatening injuries for all those involved.

Last Tuesday, 30-year-old Stephen Griswold was driving south on North Main Street in Randolph, MA when his car crossed the yellow lines into the northbound lane.  It then collided head on with the Route 240 MBTA bus.  A pizza shop owner near the accident site told police that the impact of the crash shattered all the glass in the front of the bus and sent several people flying through the air inside the bus.  His version of events has been confirmed by surveillance camera footage taken on North Main Street.

Of the 34 passengers onboard, 13 sustained non-life threatening injuries that required medical attention.  They were brought to nearby hospitals for treatment.  Upon pulling Mr. Griswold out of his wrecked car, Randolph Police discovered that he was under the influence of drugs.  He admitted to feeling drowsy before the accident.  The police then placed him under arrest for operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs.  He was arraigned last Wednesday in Quincy District Court.

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