City Of Albuquerque, NM Ordered To Pay $8 million To Family Of Young Woman Killed In Car Accident.

Cars have become a common and necessary part of everyday life in America.  We use them to get to work, to drive to our homes, and to get to nearly everywhere in-between.  While driving has become a common daily activity for most people, it is still important that we always drive in a responsible and considerate manner.  Each driver owes a duty of care to the people both in their own vehicle and those on the road.  If a driver breaches this duty by driving in a dangerous or negligent manner, they may be held liable for any physical and emotional damages they cause. In that event, call our Boston car accident lawyer experts at (617) 787-3700.

In 2013, Albuquerque Police Sergeant Adam Casaus was off-duty one afternoon driving in his police issued SUV when he allegedly sped through a red light. He reportedly crashed into a vehicle driven by 21-year-old Ashley Browder who was killed instantly. Her younger sister Lindsay, who was in the passenger seat, suffered serious injuries that doctors say will have life-long effects. Sergeant Casaus claimed he was speeding and ran the red light because he was after a drunk driver. But Albuquerque police investigators apparently did not believe his story and soon terminated his employment. Sergeant Casaus was tried for vehicular homicide but that charge was later reduced to careless driving and he was sentenced to 90 days in jail.

Sean McAfee, the attorney for the victim’s family, stated that the officer was driving recklessly and disobeyed traffic rules “for no good reason.” The City settled with the family for $8.5 million. As part of the settlement, Albuquerque Police will also have to put plaques of the sisters in police stations, show cadets a video about the tragedy, and place bumper stickers on marked units with a number to report dangerous driving.

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