22-Year Old Taunton, MA Woman Killed in Collision With Truck on the Mass Pike.

Have you ever heard of the game called “chicken”?  Or, better yet, have you played it?  If your answer to either of the foregoing questions is “yes,” then you’re well aware that there is nothing amusing or fun about it.

Chicken is a game played by two people in separate vehicles, driving towards one another with frightening speed and with the sole intention of driving the other off of the road.  Although this game has been depicted in many books and movies, very rarely do these stories show how dangerous the game really is.  The point of the game is to see who is brave enough to stay on the suicidal collision course the longest.  But what if neither person moves out of the way in time?  Death, sadly, is a very common result in these terrible accidents.

American motorists don’t play chicken on open highways, but these kinds of tragic car accidents and truck accidents seem to occur anyway.  The cause varies, from pure recklessness to lack of attention behind the wheel.  In any case, innocent people are sometimes escorted from the scene of an accident with gruesome physical injuries, and a severely damaged emotional psyche.  Quite frankly, some accident victims are never the same again.

Monday, March 9, 2015 began as a seemingly ordinary day for 22-year-old Meaghan Noel.  According to wwlp.com, Noel, a native of Taunton, Massachusetts, was driving eastbound on the I-90 Turnpike in her Honda Element.

At around 8:40 that morning, Noel was passing between exits 8 and 9 on the Pike, near Warren, Massachusetts.  Somehow, during that time, Noel lost control of her SUV and swerved across the median into oncoming westbound traffic.  Before she could correct the sharp turn, she was struck by a large tractor trailer truck.

Shattered glass and shrapnel from the two vehicles littered the highway, as the Honda flipped over and the truck veered over into the eastbound side.  Firefighters had to free the driver of the tractor trailer, 52-year-old Sandra Debonis of Warren, Rhode Island, from the cab of her truck.  She was rushed to UMASS Medical Center in Worcester for emergency treatment.  Tragically, Noel was killed in the truck accident when she was thrown through the windshield of her car.

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