Woman Receives $5.475 Million For Her Injuries in Three Car Accident in Atlanta, Georgia.

Massachusetts drivers spend hours upon hours each week driving, whether it be to and from work or taking their children to sporting activities. Every time a person turns the engine on in their car, they have a duty to operate their automobile in a responsible manner. If you or a loved one have been injured in a car or other automobile accident, you may be able to receive compensation for your injuries from those who are responsible. Call us at 617-787-3700 or email us at info@gilhoylaw.com to discuss your claim with our automobile accident specialists. Your needs are our top priority!

Tricia Burke was involved in a three-car accident in March 2013. She was seriously injured in the crash and spent months recovering at both the Grady Hospital and The Shepherd Center. Because of the car accident, she now has permanent nerve damage. Her injuries also have prevented her from returning to work as the manager of several Subway restaurants.

All of the information she had involving the accident came from the police’s accident report. The report said that Suzanne Myers was driving north on Highway 365 and was attempting to make a left turn onto Highway 384. She then struck the side of a work van traveling south on 365. The van then proceeded to slam into Ms. Burke’s car, which was stopped in a turning lane on 384. The police record indicated the accident was caused by Myers’ failure to yield the right of way to the work van. Ms. Burke’s lawyer was under the impression that Myers was the party at fault. He began to negotiate with Ms. Myers and her insurance company, State Farm.

However, a new witness recently came forward with a different story. The witness was a building contractor who said he personally saw the van driver run a red light at the intersection. He claims that it was not Myers’ fault, but the driver of the van. Ms. Burke’s lawyer then added the van driver, James Sidars, and his company, Lawson Air Conditioning and Plumbing, to the complaint as defendants. The amended lawsuit alleges that Myers failed to yield and Sidars failed to maintain proper speed and pay attention to traffic.

The complaint was filed in the Habersham County, Georgia Superior Court. The new witness was deposed. Ms. Burke’s lawyer then sent an updated demand letter, which asked for a $5.25 million settlement.  The lawyer for the van company thought that a jury might sympathize with the victim, so he offered Ms. Burke a settlement of $225,000 without admitting liability.

All together, Ms. Burke has received $5.475 million for her injuries.

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