Woman Pins Another Driver Up Against Gas Pump.

A man was pumping gas at a Boston gas station when he was struck by another driver and pinned against the gas pump. According to that driver, she was unfamiliar with the gas station and accidentally hit the accelerator when she intended to hit the break.

The man became pinned between the woman’s car and the gas pump, making the risk of a gas explosion a grave concern. The Boston Fire Department reported to the scene and worked diligently to free the man from the excruciating pain of being wedged under a vehicle. While firefighters were employing airbags and other techniques to free him, the gas station’s overhead fire extinguishing system activated, releasing powder onto the firemen and other first responders.

The man suffered serious leg injuries as a result of the accident. A firefighter was also transported to the hospital after inhaling some of the fire extinguishing powder from the gas station.

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