Two Pedestrians Hospitalized after Being Struck by Car in Santa Monica.

On August 16, 2013, two pedestrians sustained critical personal injuries in a car accident which took place as the pair waited for an elevator inside a Santa Monica, CA area parking garage.  At around 1 p.m., police arrived at Parking Structure 7, near Broadway and Fourth Street, where two out-of-state pedestrians were pinned up against the parking garage’s wall after a car had accidentally accelerated into them.

According to the initial investigation, the female driver of the car had been trying to remove her ticket from the garage’s automated ticket booth when she accidentally released the brake and the car started to roll. The woman quickly tried to regain control but pressed the accelerator, instead of the brake, causing the car to speed toward the two pedestrians standing in front of the ground-floor elevator. Both victims, a man in his late 60’s and a woman in her 20’s, were taken to the hospital with unspecified critical injuries. The driver, meanwhile, did not appear to have been under the influence of any substances and was fully cooperating with the ongoing police investigation.

This most recent incident appears to be part of an increasing trend in Santa Monica where collisions involving pedestrians and cars have increased in recent years. According to city officials, Santa Monica experienced an uptick of pedestrian deaths caused by accidents involving cars from one in 2010 to seven in 2011. In 2012, there were 113 collisions involving pedestrians, while only 97 such collisions occurred in 2011. City officials believe increased foot traffic around Santa Monica’s downtown area may be one of the causes.

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