Two Men Dead After Car Accident Involving Downed Power Lines.

Sunday morning around 3:00 a.m. a patrol officer in Tarpon Springs, Florida heard a loud boom echoing from the area around U.S. 19 and Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. Power lines had fallen onto the highway, causing a dangerous situation that killed two men and endangered at least two more.

As soon as the officer arrived at the scene of the downed power lines he attempted to block off traffic. He didn’t have enough time to stop the two approaching vehicles before both struck the power lines. Fortunately, both of those drivers will survive their injuries.

Less fortunate, were the two drivers that had come before. A McDonald’s worker witnessed the accident, recalling how two vehicles crashed, with one becoming airborne before landing in the retention pond east of Route 19. One man, most likely the driver of one of the vehicles, was found next to a downed pole covered in wires. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Another body was found inside the car that had been thrown into the pond. Divers have been unable to locate any other vehicles, and investigators are looking into whether anyone else was present in those vehicles.

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