Teenager Causes Fatal Car Crash After Driving Wrong Way Down Road.

A primary focus of nearly every sixteen-year-old in America is getting their driver’s license.  Every year, millions of teenagers drive onto a road for the first time, gaining a new sense of freedom and independence.  Their eagerness, however, often far outweighs their experience, and sometimes teenage drivers may disobey traffic laws, speed limits, be inattentive, and thereby pose a potential serious risk to themselves and other drivers.  It is often a stereotype that every teenage driver is constantly looking down at their phone to send a text or tweet, but a recent report by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found that teenage drivers were an even greater threat for car accidents than previously thought.

Over half of all the motor vehicle accidents recorded by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety had driver distraction as a major contributing factor, meaning that those drivers are potentially liable for any and all damages resulting from those car crashes.  When a driver, regardless of age, chooses to drive their car in a negligent or inattentive manner, serious harm or injury can arise.

A tragic reminder of the harm that may befall a negligent driver occurred just this week in Chicago, Illinois. Fifteen-year-old Hailee Melendez was reportedly traveling in her Nissan Pathfinder near the 100 block of South Wells Street.  While traffic was moderate and driving conditions seemed regular, Melendez’s driving was decidedly dangerous as she was driving in the wrong direction against the flow of traffic.  Fortunately, Melendez did not collide with any other vehicle, but she did collide with a train platform support beam.   Medical crews were called, but Melendez was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash.

When teenagers become drivers, they are held to the same standards of care and responsibility as adult drivers.  When a driver, regardless of age, fails to drive in a safe, responsible manner, they may be liable for the damages they cause.  Have you or a family member been injured by a motor vehicle? If so, our Boston car crash attorneys will make sure that you receive the money damages that you justly deserve.  Please call 617-787-3700, 24/7, or email us at info@gilhoylaw.com today for your free and confidential consultation.

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