Speeding Motorist Strikes Minivan And Kills Couple Inside.

An Ohio driver was traveling at more than 125 mph on the Ohio Turnpike when he crashed into a minivan. The crash caused both vehicles to become engulfed in flames and killed the passengers of the minivan, a couple both aged 77.

The driver of the speeding vehicle was Andrew Gans, a 24-year-old resident of Kent, Ohio. He suffered non-life-threatening injuries and was hospitalized for a psychiatric evaluation at Toledo hospital before being charged with two counts of vehicular homicide with a reckless specification.

The victims, a married couple both 77-years-old, were both wearing seatbelts at the time of the crash. They were trapped inside of the minivan as a result of the collision and could not be rescued after the vehicles burst into flames.

Moments before the fiery crash, other drivers had begun calling police to report the erratic speeding. Onlookers were surprised by the speed of the vehicle, saying that they themselves were traveling up to 80 mph and were no match for the speeding car that buzzed past them.

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