Siblings Severely Injured In Crash With Dump Truck.

Two siblings were driving to school when they were injured in a terrible car accident. The 17 year-old driver and his 13 year-old sister are still in critical condition after the truck crash that occurred in the morning hours of Thursday, January 9, 2014.

Colin Hawes, the driver, was pinned inside the car for about 20 minutes before rescue crew could extricate him. His sister is being treated in the Intensive Care Unit with serious injuries. Due to the weather conditions the day of the crash, Careflight was unable to respond and the siblings had to be transported by ambulance.

According to the initial investigation, the car pulled out in front of the dump truck and was struck broadside. The driver of the dump truck was unharmed.

State Police are continuing to investigate the circumstances leading up to the unfortunate auto crash.

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