Shrewsbury, Massachusetts Man Injures Two Before Driving Into a Payless Shoe Source Store.

Police in Worcester, Massachusetts report that Ryan Hehir was under the influence of drugs when he crashed his motor vehicle into the Webster Square Plaza shopping center on August 28, 2013. 

The driver crashed his car into the support pillars, and eventually made his way to a Radio Shack and then a Payless Shoe Source, but not before hitting two pedestrians.  The 20 year-old driver has been criminally charged with driving under the influence of drugs resulting in injury due to negligence.  When police arrived on the scene of the car accident, they discovered evidence of drug usage in his vehicle. Hehir was arraigned in Worcester’s District Court.

Hehir’s vehicle hit Police Sergeant John Fallavollita in his leg, resulting in a personal injury.  Hehir also ran over Anthony Rodriguez and injured his feet.  Fallavollita responded to a call stating that a motorist crashed into one of the pillars at the shopping mall.  When Fallavollita arrived, he observed that the motorist was passed out, but the car was still in gear.  Rodriguez was in the process of attempting to assist the driver when he woke up and drove the car over Rodriguez’s feet and slammed into Fallavollita.  Hehir’s vehicle continued to reverse into a Payless, where it came to a rest, and he fell out of the vehicle.  Firefighters performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation on Hehir, until he regained consciousness.

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