Pregnant Couple Dies in Limousine Crash in North Carolina.

26 year-old Will Reid pleaded with paramedics to save his pregnant wife’s life, over his own, at the scene of a tragic limousine accident that occurred on August 11th. The dying man did not realize that his young wife had passed away on impact in the auto accident. The couple’s unborn child also did not survive.

Reid’s wife, 25 year-old Jamie Soukup Reid, was pregnant with the couple’s first child when the car accident happened in Asheville, North Carolina. She had photos of the first sonogram of their baby in her purse when she died. Family and friends told reporters that the couple was perfect together, with Reid’s devastated father adding that: “He was very talkative and had a dry wit. He was very funny. She was just beautiful and nice and happy. She was caring. They were very much caring for each other.”

The young couple, who wed in May of this year, were passengers in a hired North Carolina limousine service at the time of their wrongful death. They were reportedly in North Carolina for a friend’s wedding when the driver of their limo lost control of the motor vehicle and crashed into a tree. Driver Rodney Koon was hospitalized after the crash with serious personal injuries, but is expected to survive.

Koon will likely face criminal charges once the police finish investigating the tragic crash. One officer reported that the driver’s actions “directly contributed to the collision.”

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