Newburgh, NY Car Crash Leaves 15 Year-Old Girl Dead.

A young girl named Alana Tadry was a passenger in a major car crash that occurred on state Route 32 in New York on November 19, 2012 at approximately 7 pm.  The wrongful death victim was riding with 20 year-old Edward Lier in his Audi sedan, along with Nicole Galgan and Christopher Giammarino, at the time of the fatal car accident

When Lier reached the section of road between Mill Street and East Road, he attempted to pass another vehicle in the southbound lane ahead of him.  When he entered the northbound lane to pass, he realized that there was more northbound traffic than he had anticipated and so he attempted to reenter the southbound lane.  That is when police investigators believe a northbound Chevy sedan collided with Lier’s vehicle, splitting the Audi in half.  The front half slid 200 feet down the road and the rear half was propelled into the woods.

Tadry was ejected and died at the scene of the auto accident.  Giammarino sustained serious personal injuries and was flown to the Westchester Medical Center emergency room.

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