New Jersey Teen Dies after Crashing Car Near a New Jersey Horse Farm.

Jeffery Smith, 18, died from personal injuries sustained in a serious car accident on January 24, 2013 in Howell, New Jersey.

Smith was driving on Herbertsville Road in Howell when his motor vehicle veered into oncoming traffic. Smith’s car collided with another motor vehicle, occupied by Nicholas and Concetta Spinelli, in a terrible head-on auto crash.

Smith and the Spinellis were rushed to the Neptune Jersey Shore Medical Center emergency room for medical treatment.  Smith suffered critical head injuries, while the Spinellis escaped with only minor personal injuries in the auto collision.

Smith died from the head injuries the next day.

The car crash is currently under investigation by the Howell Police Department. The police are attempting to establish the reason for Smith’s swerve into the oncoming lane.

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