Motorcyclist Killed in Crash on Route 9 in Spencer, Massachusetts.

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Complacency is dangerous.  When you lose the ability to focus and control your actions, you become a threat to yourself and those around you.  This principle is especially true behind the handlebars of a motorcycle.

Driving a motorcycle takes a heightened degree of skill and ability.  Otherwise, why would the state require a special license to drive one?  But even for those who are able to drive them, motorcycles present a unique challenge because of their speed and maneuvering capabilities.  Some states (such as Massachusetts) pass laws that require motorcyclists to wear helmets, while others do not.  But even in the states that heavily regulate motorcyclists, accidents still happen that seriously injure or even kill people.  The sad truth is this: no matter how much protective equipment you wear, or how comfortable you feel driving a motorcycle, danger lurks around every corner.  On the night of Saturday, November 9th, 23-year-old Stephen Healy took a gamble on his motorcycle.  Tragically, it was one that did not pay off.

It was a brisk, fall night in the small town of Spencer, Massachusetts. The local high school, David Prouty High School, was hosting a play in the auditorium.  Route 9, the major highway in town, was clogged with traffic, full of family and friends eager to see the show.  At around 6:15 pm, cars were filing into the school parking lot for the 7:00 pm show.  One car in the eastbound lane stopped in front of the high school to allow a Toyota Sedan, which was in the westbound lane, into the parking lot.  But as this friendly exchange occurred, Mr. Healy was driving his motorcycle eastbound at a high rate of speed.  He didn’t see the Toyota turning into the parking lot.

Mr. Healy swerved around the stopped car but could not brake in time to avoid the Toyota turning into the parking lot.  The result was a sickening crash.  Shards of glass and broken metal flew everywhere and scattered all along the roadside.  Mr. Healy was flung off his bike and ended up on the other side of the street, pinned beneath a Jeep Cherokee that was traveling west and had two occupants.  When State Police and Spencer Police arrived on the scene, Mr. Healy was dead.  Officials closed off the area, and the play at David Prouty was cancelled.  It was a tragic night in a local Massachusetts town.

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