Most Recent Data Shows Deadly Car Crashes Are On The Rise, Hitting 9-Rear High In 2016.

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Deadly vehicle crashes spiked in the USA for a second straight year in 2016, hitting a nine-year high. This increase occurred despite the adoption of new safety features and investments in partially self-driving cars. Several key reasons: speeding, not wearing seatbelts, and a rise in motorcycle deaths.  Car accidents killed 37,461 people in 2016, up 5.6% from 2015, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (“NHTSA”).

This disturbing upward trend marks a reversal after fatalities fell in six of the seven years from 2007 to 2014. Deaths are up from an all-time low of 32,744 in 2014. Though vehicle safety technology is better than ever, other factors have contributed to the deadly increase. In previous years, distracted driving was a growing culprit. In 2016, distracted driving deaths fell 2.2% to 3,450, according to the NHTSA. The increase in deaths in 2016 was largely attributable to other mistakes by drivers and passengers, including a 4% increase in speeding deaths and a 4.6% increase in fatalities due to unbelted passengers. The NHTSA also reported a 5.1% increase in motorcycle deaths. ​

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