Massachusetts National Grid Driver Made “Dangerous Move” Just Before Fatal Crash.

During the arraignment of a National Grid driver involved in a motor vehicle accident last year that killed 70 year-old Westford, MA resident Xiaoyun Jiang, a witness to the accident accused the driver, Jeffrey Fisher, 50, of Coventry, Rhode Island, of making a “dangerous move” to squeeze between two cars while merging from the right lane to the left.

The witness claimed that this move directly led to the car accident, in which a backhoe being transported on a trailer behind the National Grid truck fell off the trailer and onto an adjacent car.

Jiang was killed from the impact, and the three other passengers in the crushed vehicle were airlifted to a nearby hospital emergency room.

Fisher lost his driver’s license after the auto crash and has been charged with vehicular homicide and negligent driving.

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