Massachusetts Motorcyclist Awarded $1.25 Million In Personal Injury Damages After Being Struck By Car.

Motorcycle drivers often get a negative reputation; they are sometimes considered reckless and dangerous and are often associated with biker gangs and criminal activity.  This description, however, does not apply to the vast majority of motorcyclists who are law abiding, responsible and safe drivers.  In fact, recent reports suggest that other drivers and vehicles pose a far greater threat to motorcyclists than the motorcyclists do to themselves or others.  If you are a responsible motorcycle driver and were injured because of another person’s negligence, you should consult with a motorcycle injury attorney to learn all about how you can be compensated for your personal injuries.

The federal National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has reported an increasing rate of motorcycle accidents across the country, and a recent report specifically focused on the rise of accidents for the past ten years in California.  While many assumed that driving conditions and bad weather would be the leading factors behind the increased number of motorcycle accidents, the data collected found that those causes were rarely a major influence.  Instead, according to the study, other vehicles caused two-thirds of multiple vehicle accidents involving motorcycles, making other drivers the greatest threat to motorcyclists.

A recent example of this statistic occurred to one Massachusetts motorcyclist.  The motorcyclist entered a local intersection when a car entered the same intersection.  The car reportedly struck the back of the motorcycle’s rear tire.  The motorcyclist then flew off his bike, injuring his right leg, clavicle, and his ribs.  The motorcyclist had to undergo several surgeries and still experiences permanent loss of function in portions of his leg and shoulder.

The car driver told officials that he did not see the motorcyclist, but did not deny hitting the back of the tire.  To recover for his medical bills and pain and suffering, the motorcyclist filed a personal injury lawsuit against the car driver.  The motorcyclists’ attorneys, Janet Dutcher and Walter Costello, argued that the car driver was negligent by entering the intersection without noticing the motorcyclist.  The car driver ultimately agreed to pay $1.25 million in personal injury damages in order to settle the lawsuit.

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