Man Saves Toddler’s Life In Car Accident Aftermath.

A tragic car accident in Canton, Ohio resulted in the death of 24 year-old Paul Guthrie of Dennison, Ohio and his three month old daughter Gabriella when the car flew off a ramp onto Interstate 77 and tumbled over 100 feet into Nimishillen Creek. Another driver likely saved the life of the mother and a toddler when he ran to the rescue after witnessing the crash.

Bruno Gregg was driving when he witnessed the Guthries’ car tumbled off the highway ramp and fall into Nimishillen Creek. Gregg parked his car and ran to the rescue. Upon reaching the vehicle, Gregg was able to cut 15 month-old Emelyn Guthrie from her seat with a knife and haul her to safety.

The Canton Police pulled mother Kymberlie Guthrie and Gabriella Guthrie from the river and rushed both to local hospitals. Kymberlie survived and remains in critical condition. Gabriella was pronounced dead after the doctors at the Children’s Hospital of Akron were unable to save her life. Paul Guthrie was pronounced dead at the scene of the auto crash.

The Canton Police have hailed Gregg as a hero for saving Emelyn’s life. The police are continuing to investigate the auto accident.

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