Maine Driver in Six Car Crash Arrested.

Nancy Hazard, forty three years of age, was arrested at her home in Maine late last Thursday afternoon and charged with one count of aggravated driving to endanger, which is a class C felony under Maine law.

On March 18, 2012, Hazard was driving a Suzuki SX4 south on College Avenue in Waterville, ME when she struck four cars waiting at a stoplight ahead of her. A fifth car was pushed into the intersection. Officials performed a crash reconstruction that concluded that Hazard was likely driving between 60 and 85 mph at the time of impact. Hazard told police that she had no memory of the auto crash or the events leading up to it. Police say that she was not intoxicated; a blood test was administered shortly after the car accident that tested negative for alcohol or illegal drugs, and any prescription medications were at normal levels.

Thankfully, nobody was killed in the auto crash, but six people were treated for various personal injuries. One victim, sixty nine year-old Karl Andresen, suffered a cracked cervical vertebra, eight broken ribs, a concussion and a lacerated tongue. Andresen spent two weeks in a hospital and has since returned to work. She is making a full recovery.

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