Judge Upholds $19.1 Million Jury Verdict In Auto Accident Lawsuit.

A Pennsylvania man will receive $19.1 million in personal injury damages after an auto crash. This result comes after a Philadelphia judge approved a jury award to compensate the man for the serious personal injuries he suffered in a horrific July 2009 car accident. 

Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas Judge, John Milton Younge, ruled on April 10, 2014, that the jury award was not excessive in light of the victim’s severe injuries.  The victim, Patrick Hennessy, had his right leg amputated above the knee as a result of the car accident in question.  In issuing his ruling, Judge Younge stated that “the plaintiff was a young man who suffered an extremely painful above-the-knee amputation that will almost certainly cause complications in the future.”

The defendant in the case, Ryan Caruso, was the driver of the car in which Hennessy was a passenger when the accident occurred.  According to the opinion issued by Judge Younge, Caruso was responsible for the accident.

The car accident occurred when Caruso rear-ended another car, causing his car to be stalled.  Hennessy then exited Caruso’s vehicle to push it to the side of the road. But he and Caruso’s vehicle were next struck by another car being driven by Shawn Robertson, Jr.  The collision crushed Hennessy’s leg, causing injuries that forced medical personnel to amputate it.  The jury found Caruso to be 45 percent negligent in the accident, and Robertson to be 55 percent negligent.

Judge Younge found that the $19.1 million award against Caruso was proper because Hennessy would not have been injured if Caruso hadn’t initially rear-ended the first car.

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