Illinois Car Accident Results In Death Of One Passenger.

Police in Schaumburg, Illinois are investing the circumstances of a two-car crash, in which a Chevy Tahoe sport utility vehicle slammed into a sedan, resulting in the death of the sedan’s front passenger.

This past Monday, March 31, 2014, at approximately 11 a.m., a Chevy Tahoe slammed into a grey sedan making a left turn at the intersection of Mitchell Boulevard and Irving Park Road In Schaumburg, Illinois. The collision resulted in personal injuries to all three individuals inside the motor vehicles.

The passenger in the grey sedan was pronounced dead at the scene of the car accident. The drivers of both vehicles were rushed to the emergency room of a nearby hospital where they remain. The police say that the drivers’ conditions were not life threatening.

Schaumburg Police closed the roads for several hours while accident reconstruction teams investigated the circumstances of the auto accident.

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