Hyundai to Pay $81 Million In Product Liability Damages to Family of Montana Teenagers Killed in Car Accident.

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In 1903, a young mechanic and innovator named Henry Ford introduced the Model A automobile.  From that day on, the world was forever changed.  Since then, advances in technology have allowed us to create faster and safer modes of motor vehicle transportation.  Without a doubt, the most popular mode of transportation in the modern age is the automobile.  Cars and trucks are by far the most common method of commuting to and from work.  Auto manufacturers have, over the years, generally implemented higher safety standards in their vehicles in an attempt to lessen the number of accidents and injuries.

Unfortunately, some manufacturers use parts in their cars’ safety systems that are poorly designed.  When parts such as steering columns or accelerators are defective, the consequences in the event of a car accident can be tragic.

In 2011, Tanner Olson was driving his 2005 Hyundai Tiburon.  His cousin, Trevor Olson, was riding in the passenger seat.  As they were traveling along the road in Lake County, Montana, something in the car suddenly gave way.  Before Tanner could react, his car was spinning out of control.  It flipped several times and landed on the side of the road.  Both teenagers were killed in the car accident.

Although initial reports said that the boys had been speeding, further investigations by the Lake County Police Department revealed that this was not the case.  Instead, an inspection of the wrecked car showed that one of the steering knuckles had snapped, which, in turn, caused the loss of control.

Soon thereafter, the Olson family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Hyundai The Olsons’ attorney, John Bohyer, introduced evidence of 127 other complaints that Hyundai had received about their defective steering knuckles.  These complaints, according to the Olsons, were proof that Hyundai had prior notice of the defect.  But the company nevertheless failed to implement a recall or make efforts to rectify the situation.  After a long trial, a Lake County Judge ordered Hyundai to pay $81 million in damages to Tanner’s and Trevor’s families.  $73 million of the award was for punitive damages.

If you or a loved one have been injured or killed due to a faulty car part, you may be entitled to significant pecuniary damages from the manufacturer.  These injuries can take years to heal.  But the emotional trauma may never fade.  To get justice from those who have wronged you, call our Boston personal injury law office today at 617-787-3700 or email  We know what it takes to get our injured clients back on their feet.  Your needs are our top priority!

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