Husband of “Overworked” Ohio Nurse Sues Her Employer for Wrongful Death after She Dies In Car Accident.

Jim Jasper, the husband of a nurse from Cincinnati, Ohio, Beth Jasper, who recently passed away in a car accident, is suing the hospital in which the deceased nurse had worked for allegedly causing her wrongful death.

Beth Jasper’s employer, a Jewish hospital located in Cincinnati, Ohio, allegedly overworked the nurse to death.  Ms. Jasper was constantly being called in for shifts because the hospital was severely understaffed.  She would work with little time off, skipping her optional breaks so as to make up work.  Jim Jasper believes that the hospital cut costs by failing to hire the appropriate number of nurses, resulting in the hospital purposefully over-scheduling and over-working the employed nurses. Further, Jasper believes that the hospital only trained nurses for certain skill areas so that the hospital could get away with treating the nurses that way.

Mr. Jasper believes that when his wife was driving home on the night that she was killed, she was most likely fatigued, because that was the state she was always in from being overworked.  That evening, she had also told other nurses that she was very hungry and very tired.  She most likely fell asleep while she was driving, causing her to veer off of the road.

Mr. Jasper stated that nurses like his wife are not protected by their employer hospitals, and that this needs to change. He feels that behavior like this, on the part of hospital administrators, is deliberate and negligent, and there need to be stricter regulations for nurse staffing and employment rights so that situations like Beth Jasper’s do not happen again.

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