Highway Collision in North Carolina Causes Personal Injuries to Eight People.

A five-car collision injured eight people and slowed traffic in the eastbound and westbound lanes on U.S. Highway 74 near Kings Mountain, North Carolina on the morning of Wednesday, May 22nd.

According to local authorities, the massive motor vehicle accident began when a sport utility vehicle’s tire became deflated. The SUV was moving at a high speed at the time its tire deflated, which caused the vehicle to careen across the highway striking four other cars.

Three passengers were ejected from their vehicles in the five-car collision. The chief of the Kings Mountain Police Department has claimed that all eight injured passengers were conscious at the scene of the auto crash and of those eight passengers, the most severely injured person had superficial abrasions to his face and shoulders.

Minor car crashed happened on the other side of the highway as drivers were distracted by observing the car accident from their vehicles. By 10:30 a.m., tow trucks arrived at the scene of the five-car collision to clear the roadway and median of wreckage.

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