Driver Runs Over Woman’s Foot in Missouri Airport.

On October 26, 2013, Rachel Olen was leaving the Lambert International Airport located in St. Louis County, Missouri. While she was getting into a car in the passenger pick-up lane at the airport, Darrin Paul Korte apparently hit her with his car. Ms. Olen alleges that when Mr. Korte’s car hit her, the collision caused her to fall to the ground. Then, the car proceeded to run over her foot.

According to the Madison- St. Clair Record, Ms. Olen claims to have suffered foot, ankle, and leg injuries when the car driven by the defendant knocked her to the ground and ran her foot over. She claims that her injuries have caused significant pain, substantial medical bills and treatment, loss of income, and the potential for future loss of income.

Ms. Olen filed her lawsuit in the Madison County, Illinois Circuit Court. The complaint alleges that Mr. Korte was negligent when he failed to keep a careful lookout, failed to control his vehicle, failed to yield to pedestrians in the loading zone of the airport, and failed to take proper action to avoid hitting pedestrians. Ms. Olen is seeking over $50,000 in damages. She is represented by attorney Michael Knepper and attorney Kevin Sullivan.

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