Driver Injured After Ice Flies Off Tractor-Trailer and Slams Into Windshield.

A North Carolina driver was fortunate to escape with only minor injuries after a sheet of ice flew off a passing semi-truck and crashed through the windshield of his pickup truck.

Jimmy Campbell was driving south on Highway 16 just south of Newton, NC, when he approached a tractor-trailer traveling north on the other side of the highway.  As he was passing by the tractor trailer, sheet of ice flew off the top, and Campbell was unable to avoid it as it crashed through the driver’s side of his windshield.  The impact shattered Campbell’s windshield and left a large hole in the glass. 

Campbell suffered cuts on his faced from the broken glass and was taken to the hospital for treatment, but has since been released.  A witness to the damage stated that it looked like Campbell had crashed into a deer and was surprised that Campbell was able to maintain control of his vehicle and not crash after the accident occurred.

North Carolina Highway Patrol stated that the truck driver was likely unaware his vehicle had caused an accident, and authorities stated that they would not charge the truck driver in an incident such as this.

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