District Court Judge Killed in Bicycle Accident in Millcreek Canyon, Utah.

A district court judge for the Utah Third District Court was killed in a bicycle accident this past Thursday, October 24, 2013, in Millcreek Canyon near Salt Lake City, Utah. 

60 year-old Third District Court Judge Anthony Quinn was riding his bicycle when a car struck him head-on. The driver in the car was a 78 year-old man who supposedly became distracted by the scenic nature.  Quinn sustained grave personal injuries in the auto crash, and succumbed to them after being transported to the University Hospital emergency room.

This was not the first time that Quinn had been hit by a vehicle while riding his bike.  He was previously hit while competing in a race.  He told a colleague, “our sport is a dangerous one.”  Former State Bar President Stephen Owens expressed a very positive opinion of Quinn and stated that Quinn was exactly the kind of judge one wanted to preside over a case.

Bar President Owens gave a statement when interviewed about Quinn wherein he said that Quinn was an adventurous spirit who knew the risks of his hobby, but he chose to continue because he loved the sport.  “He was a bright mind and our love goes out to his family.”  Chief Justice Matthew Durant also expressed his sympathies for Quinn’s relatives in a statement lauding Quinn’s abilities as a judge and saying the entire court family mourns the loss.

Utah hosts a few bike races, but with all the races in and around New England, people should really be aware of the dangers of bicycling and take every precaution possible to stay safe on the road.

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