Detroit Lions Rookie Injures Woman in Car Accident.

23 year-old Detroit Lions rookie Brendan Hepburn is in hot water after a November 17, 2013 car accident, during which Hepburn struck another vehicle after failing to yield at a stoplight.

Hepburn was driving with Zavier Proctor in Proctor’s 2005 Nissan Altima on Sunday night after the Lions’ game against the Pittsburgh Steelers at the Heinz Field. Hepburn allegedly failed to yield at a broken stoplight and smashed the Nissan into the car driven by a 32 year-old woman. Hepburn was driving at approximately 45 miles per hour just before the car accident.

As a result of the auto crash, the woman sustained serious head injuries and was rushed to the emergency room of a local hospital. The woman remains hospitalized following the motor vehicle accident in serious condition. Hepburn and Proctor did not sustain any serious personal injuries in the car accident.

Hepburn and Proctor are on the Lions’ practice squad and have not played a single game this season. Hepburn was drafted in the seventh round from Texas A&M, while Proctor was signed undrafted in July 2013. Detroit Police say that alcohol was not a factor in the car crash and that a full investigation of the accident is underway.

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