Cumberland Farms Clerk Critically Injured Trying To Stop Hasselhoff Thief.

A 36 year-old Cumberland Farms worker in Shelton, Connecticut has been listed as critically injured at Bridgeport Hospital where he is receiving medical treatment for severe head injuries he sustained while on the job. According to local accident reports, the worker spotted a 19 year-old man drive up to the Cumberland Farms parking lot in a black sport utility vehicle at about 1:15 a.m. on Tuesday morning. The teen cut down two poster boards featuring celebrity David Hasselhoff, which were being used to promote various beverages, and placed them in his car.

The clerk ran outside to approach the man, but the driver sped away. Somehow the employee had become hooked to the car, and he was dragged several feet, flipped backwards, and landed on his head. The car, occupied by three people, sped away from the scene of the car accident down River Road towards Stratford.

The Hasselhoff advertisements have been recent targets for thieves, according to the Shelton police. The “Baywatch” actor has been doing commercials for Cumberland Farms since last year, and since July 2012 over 500 Hasselhoff cardboard cutouts have been stolen from Cumberland Farms locations in New England and Florida. Hasselhoff tweeted a statement about the tragic car accident, saying “I am shocked and truly saddened about the Cumberland farms store clerk tragedy. My heartfelt thoughts and prayers are with him and his family!”

Reporters interviewed Shelton locals after the event and responses to the auto accident were varied. A saddened and concerned Shelton woman said “I’m shocked. I’m so surprised. This is usually a very safe area. I feel terrible for the man.” A man who was interviewed respected the worker’s valiant efforts, but added, “I wouldn’t put my life on the line for David Hasselhoff cutouts. I didn’t like him that much when he was an actor, never mind a cutout.”

Police are reviewing surveillance footage of the hit and run accident and are continuing to interview witnesses to apprehend all those involved in the terrible car accident. The 19 year-old man has since come forward, but police have yet to identify his cohorts.

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