Car Fire in Quincy, Massachusetts Results in Multiple Fatalities.

Cars have become so commonplace that people often forget that they are capable of inflicting tremendous harm and injury.  Every motorist is responsible for his or her own actions and to behave responsibly and with reasonable care.  Drivers are expected to operate their motor vehicles in a safe and appropriate manner that does not pose a threat of danger or harm to themselves or anyone else on the road.  This is to help avoid not only the obvious risks of driving a car, such as hitting another vehicle or a pedestrian, but also to prevent the many unforeseen consequences of a car accident that can result in serious injury or death.

One generally unforeseen consequence of a car accident is a fire, which is unfortunately what happened in a recent Quincy, Massachusetts car accident.  Along Route 28 this week, a vehicle struck a tree and rolled over several times.  The driver and two passengers were injured in the collision, but were put into far greater peril once the car burst into flames.  Emergency responders arrived at the scene of the car collision as soon as possible, but two of the three occupants of the car were pronounced dead at the scene; the third was rushed to a nearby hospital with extensive injuries.  According to, the cause of the motor vehicle collision is still under investigation.

The average medium-sized vehicle can hold as much as sixteen gallons of gasoline and can become extremely dangerous if exposed to an open flame or spark.  While cars are designed to keep their fuel as contained as possible, even a mild collision can easily twist and warp a gas tank, and a spark from scraped metal or exposed electrical wires can be sufficient to ignite the exposed gas.  This is just another reason why drivers should be as attentive as possible when traveling, and to avoid a collision whenever possible.

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