2 Month-Old Baby Thrown From Vehicle After Domestic Dispute Crash.

A single-car crash resulted in 2 month-old Karleigh being thrown from her mother’s Honda Accord. An investigation into the deadly crash has revealed that the baby’s father was trailing the mother’s car, leading investigators to believe a domestic dispute may have caused the collision.

The fatal crash occurred shortly after 5:00 PM on December 1st on Route I-75 in Macon, Georgia. The 21-year-old mother was driving the vehicle when she lost control, causing the car to flip over. The 2-month-old baby was ejected from the vehicle and died as a result of her injuries. The mother was taken to the hospital where she remained in critical condition.

At first glance, this tragic accident was a single-car crash resulting from a young mother who lost control of her vehicle. But investigators have revealed that the father of the baby was traveling behind the mother’s vehicle when the crash occurred. It is unclear whether the baby was properly secured in the vehicle, leading investigators to look into whether the mother was in a rush or in fear after a domestic dispute between her and the father.

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