15 Year-Old Girl Hit By Car In Intersection Known By Locals To Be Dangerous.

While always an efficient way to travel, by combining fun and exercise, bicycles are also riskier than most methods of transportation due to the lack of any protection. In a perfect world, bicyclists would be able to use bike lanes, roads, and crosswalks without fear that they may be struck by a motor vehicle. However, that is not always the case; if a vehicle should happen to negligently enter your bike lane, which causes you to have an accident, you may be entitled to just and fair compensation equal to the monetary amount of your pain and suffering and other damages. A personal injury lawsuit can be complicated, which is why victims of bicycle accidents should listen to the expert bicycle accident lawyer specialists at our Boston, Massachusetts law firm who have decades of experience to help guide them through the litigation process.

A 15 year-old girl was hit by a car in a Charlevoix, Michigan intersection — an area many locals have said is dangerous. Witnesses said the girl slowly started to ride out into traffic on her bike unaware of the car approaching. The accident happened at the intersection of Bridge Street and Upright Street in downtown Charlevoix. The girl was taken to a local hospital but has since been transferred to a hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

According to local business owners near the intersection, this is not the first time they’ve seen an accident here. Just last year, an older gentleman got hit on a bicycle in the exact same spot and there have been numerous other car accidents. They believe that it is because of the vehicles coming up the hill so fast. If somebody or some car is there, it’s very difficult to stop when they’re speeding. So far, the police chief says no one has been cited for the incident.

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