12 Year-Old Causes Massive Car Accident After Leading Police On High Speed Chase.

This past Thursday, November 14, 2013, a 12 year-old boy stormed off from an argument with his father and jumped into a car and began to drive. The boy led the police on a high speed chase before crashing into several cars on a highway.

According to the police in San Antonio, Texas, the boy has mental issues and takes regular medication. The boy had apparently not been taking his medication before taking his father’s car from Saddle Ridge Apartments and driving through city streets. San Antonio Police responded to 911 calls and initially gave chase. The chase caused the boy to accelerate to 80 miles per hour through city streets. The chase was called off in the interests of safety.

The boy drove the car through a police blockade, causing one police car to be shoved some 50 feet. The boy then drove onto Fredericksburg Road and swerved into the opposite lane. The boy’s car struck two cars, a utility pole and slid to a stop. The boy exited the car and made a run for it. A witnessed took down the boy and held him until the police arrived.

There is no word on any injuries resulting from the motor vehicle accident. The boy is being charged with felony criminal mischief.

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