10-Year-Old Boy Killed And Two Girls Injured In Horse-Drawn Buggy Accident.

A number of factors can lead to a motor vehicle accident including driver distraction, poor weather conditions and mechanical defects. No matter the cause, the consequences of motor vehicle accidents can be life altering. Far too many motor vehicle crashes result in severe personal injuries such as paralysis and wrongful death. Other injuries include broken bones, back and neck injuries, and soft tissue injuries. These injuries can cause medical bills to pile up and can leave victims unable to work. This imposes a severe physical, emotional and financial burden on victims and their families.

A ten-year-old boy is dead and two young girls are injured after a motorist failed to notice their horse-drawn buggy on Route BB in Missouri Mennonite County. Penny Anderson told Fox 4 News that she was driving up hill along Route BB on a particularly sunny morning to pick up her grandchildren. She did not notice the horse-drawn buggy just in front of her on the roadway. In fact, when she felt the impact from having hit something, she initially believed she had struck a cow.

Ms. Anderson pulled over and was shocked to realize she had rear-ended a horse-drawn carriage. Three small children were riding inside the buggy, including 10-year-old Joshua Leinbach, 8-year-old Kaitlin Leinbach and 7-year-old Amanda Leinbach. The boy was pronounced dead at the scene. The two girls suffered less severe injuries, including a broken leg. Ms. Anderson suffered only bumps and bruises, but says the mental injuries will remain with her forever.

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